Should you charge your phone to 100% to avoid damaging the battery? 

How to charge your smartphone so as not to wear out the battery ? Here is a question that is on the minds of most modern phone owners. We think, wrongly, that’you have to leave the phone on the table’Turn off the phone and then charge it to 100% to preserve the battery. However, studies have shown that this technique will mainly shorten the life of your battery. So, how to charge your smartphone ?

The battery life of’a battery is 3 to 5 years

The technology n’It is not always logical. For example, with regard to the battery of’If you have a smartphone, you might think that it is better to unplug it’It's better than a smartphone’It will discharge completely before charging it to 100%. However, full recharging is not recommended, especially when’we leave the phone plugged in all night. Why this ? Let's say your phone takes two hours to charge, it will spend the rest of the night charging for nothing.

In this case, the battery will heat up unnecessarily and will be damaged’damage in the long term.

So, when you go to sleep, remember to unplug your phone charger, even if it's better not to use it’you only have 32% of battery left. If you are afraid of your screen going black during the day, take your charger with you. Otherwise, opt for a solar battery that s’is very practical in places without electricity.

You will find here a comparison of external solar batteries to guide you in your choice.

The life of the battery is limited’A battery is 3 to 5 years old, which does not mean that it will not last’is not a surprise for you. You notice that gradually the charge holds less well, the battery drains more quickly. This n’is not a print and two options if’you can change the battery or change your phone.

To save money and avoid changing phones regularly, remember to manage the charging time properly.

Keeping the charge rate between 40% and 80% would be ideal

To preserve your battery, it is better to use the charger provided when you bought the phone. All the studies carried out on this subject recommend partial recharging. In the end, it is better to charge your phone two or three times a day than to leave it plugged in overnight.

L’The ideal would be to maintain the charge rate between 40% and 80% permanently. Moreover, it should be avoided to go below 25%. While not all of these recommendations are easy to follow, between Netflix episodes, video calls and Candy Crush games, remember one thing: don't recharge until you're ready’à 100 %.