Focus on web development languages

Means of communication between the computer and the user’Man and the’As a computer program, web development languages are the foundation of the web’internet. They are essential for the functioning of web pages, applications and other digital tools. What are the different computer languages ? How and why should you master them ?

Web development languages: the concept

To better understand the concept of programming language, we must go back to the basics of communication. In fact, to communicate with someone, it is essential to speak the same language as him. Otherwise, it will not be possible to make a profit’It is not obvious that’there is a reciprocal understanding.

This principle applies to all computers’This also applies to computers. In order to’they understand you, you must necessarily speak their language. However, unlike the’Man, the’The computer only understands the binary language.

It is not’is therefore receptive that’to 1 and 0, which makes communication difficult.

To communicate with a computer, you then need to know how to use the language’a translator. There are many of them and each one has its own language. Your message must be written in the language of the chosen translator. This one is responsible for turning it into a binary sequence that the machine can decipher.

The communication with a computer is a monologue. You give it orders, it executes. In the computer field, these orders are called instructions. Thus, a program is a sequence of’instructions that tell the computer, for example, to’computer :

  • d’display an input field on the screen’screen,
  • to close a software, if the’user clicks on « close »,
  • d’display a letter on the screen’screen.

In general, the instructions are very precise and quite clear, so it’s not obvious that the user will be able to use them’computer knows what to do’he must make. In a concrete way, the programming language allows you to communicate with the computer’To write your instructions in a language that the translator understands, which is usually a software program, you need to be able to use the language. The latter then converts them into a sequence of 1’s and 0’s that the computer can read’The computer will be able to execute. The suite of’This is called « source code ».

For learn more about web development languages, you can ask a web developer to inform you. It is also possible to follow a quick training online, in order to know the basics of coding.

Some specific web development languages

Web languages can be used to edit websites and design applications and software. There are many of them, and each one is different’between them has advantages and specificities. For a coding operation, the web developer, or programmer, chooses the language that best meets his needs.

Because of the countless strengths that’they present, some languages are more popular that of a professional programmer’other.

JavaScript, the most used programming language

Designed by Brendan Eich in 1995, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world. We find it more particularly within the internet pages. Having been created at the same time as the Java technology, JavaScript is a very useful tool for web developers’is imposed as a development language of reference, Thanks to its many advantages. Indeed, its rôIts main purpose is to contribute to the development of the web’improvement of the’usability of the code’a web platform or’a user application interface.

It also allows you to’It is a way to add aesthetic effects to a website.

The main interest of JavaScript lies in its rather particular way of working. Contrary to many web languages, it allows the use of the Internet’execution of’a code without needing to reload the web page. Therefore, it participates in the development of the web’improvement of the loading time pages, contributing to the’ergonomics and natural referencing of sites.

HTML, one of the first web languages

Created in 1990, HTML is the most widely used programming language’It is one of the most famous programming languages in the world, and for good reason, it offers many advantages. Unlike most web development languages, it can be used by anyone’whoever. You don’t’So you don’t need to use it’You must be an expert in coding to use it. Descriptive computer language, the HTML favors the formatting of pages web site.

Among other things, it allows you to’write content’hypertext or HTML’insert multimedia resources into content. Concretely, this language helps you to title, to put in bold, to subtitle, etc. a text. It also offers you the possibility to’You can include images, links or videos in your website.

With HTML, you can define how your website will look and feel’display on a screen, especially via a browser.

CSS, for page layout

The Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a computer language created for the realization of the formatting of pages and HTML files. Similar to HTML, it is less time consuming than the latter. With CSS, you have the possibility of simultaneously applying formatting rules (fonts, titling, borders, etc.) to your content.) to several documents. In addition, there are a number of ways to add images, links or videos to your website’other well-known web development languages.

For example Python, Swift, Java, PHP, C# or even C++.

The advantages of the’learning these web languages

A web developer, that’Whether he is an amateur or a professional, he must master the most popular programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript or others. Above all, he must master a large number of languages, not for pleasure, but for the needs of his profession. Indeed, the’learning web development languages is essential for the programmer, because they are his working tools.

Each language has a role to playôIt can be used to define the exact language and its characteristics’to be useful in very specific conditions. Consequently, the programmer who masters several web development languages has an easier time finding a solution to a problem. L’learning of the programming languages allows you to’have more strings to your bow and, above all, save time when coding.

D’another côIt also allows you to improve your skills. Indeed, by learning new languages, you discover other programming paradigms, but also new ways of working’In fact, by learning new languages, you discover other programming paradigms, but also new ways of working’organizing your code. These acquired techniques allow you to’refine your skills over time.

Tips to learn more about web development

Web development is a profession in full expansion since the beginning of the 20th century’advent of’internet. If you have a passion for the language, you can use it’and you want to be able to become a professional programmer, many training courses exist. However, before getting involved in this sector, you should be well informed about its particularities.

For this, we recommend that you do research on specialized platforms. Consult a large number of resources, in order to’learn more about web development. N’Don’t hesitate to follow online tutorials to get started.

There are also online schools that offer courses for beginners in web development. By taking these courses, you can even get a certificate proving your skills in the field of coding and programming. To become a great web developer, you also need to have friends in the industry.

Network and build relationships. L’Knowledge exchange will help you improve your skills.