Join the La Poste Group on a work-study program to forge a stable future

Various training courses in the professions of the French Post Office are offered by this group under a work-study contract. You can opt for a professionalization contract or a work-study contract’learning, depending on your situation. No matter which one you choose, you will be training to be a professional’future, which will bring you real prospects, in particular, an employment contract.

Nothing to pay

Take a work-study course n’is not always easy. C’is why you will have to be serious throughout your journey. The paces can be set at 3 days in-house and 2 at the’school. During your immersion in a company, you will be considered as a full employee. You will enjoy the same rights as employees: unemployment compensation, social security, paid vacations.

In addition, your training will be paid for by the employer and the school’State, so you don’t have to’will have no fees to pay. To find out more about the training courses offered by this world-renowned group and about work-study contracts, go to the online site.

Various curricula

During your training, you will follow hours of training in the center where you will be taught theoretical courses. So if you want to go into management and administration, banking and trade, delivery and logistics, you know what to expect’now you have to do. You can become a payroll manager, a specialized wealth advisor, a mailman, an accountant, or a business manager’reception, production agent and others.

Forge a solid future

Whatever’The company will be able to continue its work in the future’alternation, you will have the’opportunity to’You will acquire a diploma and significant professional experience, while benefiting from the experience of the company’a salary each month. From the CAP to the Master’s degree, it will be possible to study at the university’Opt for this really efficient solution to enter the workforce and avoid unemployment. You will work at’a solid company, which will offer a stable future, which today’today, remains an opportunity not to be overlooked.