Giving a corporate gift corporate gift: when and what ?

In a world where offers and opportunities are multiplying, it is essential to give customers and employees reasons to be loyal to you. L'use of corporate gifts is a marketing technique as old as the hills, but which has already proven its effectiveness on many occasions. Know that it is not always necessary to offer very expensive goodies, it is the action of offering an element without expecting anything in return that generates sympathy and loyalty from the person concerned.

Of course, you can't always offer corporate gifts to all your customers or employees. We advise you to segment your customers and employees into several groups before setting up these events. For customers, the main criteria is size and impact on the bottom line.

For employees, form teams that work towards common goals.

When should you give a gift of appreciation?’corporate ?

Corporate gifts can have different purposes, and therefore be adapted to different times. You can use them to increase your brand awareness. Offer promotional objects with your company's logo during physical meetings with your customers.

Whether it's a trade show, an event or a festival, these meeting places are good places to develop your brand's reputation. Don't hesitate to offer gifts during these moments of exchange and sharing.

As for your employees, give priority to the moments of the end of the fiscal year or the important stages of your company's life. In France, to please your employees increases their productivity at work. This increase is linked to a climate of trust and well-being to which corporate gifts contribute.

Plan to offer them during seminars and company meals, in a friendly atmosphere, which will create strong links between your employees.

When should you give a corporate gift?

Which objects to choose ?

As a general rule, choose useful and practical objects, that is what will make employees happy and to the customers. Moreover, if your customers or employees use it daily, you will gain notoriety with each use. If you offer a voucher, the gesture may be quickly forgotten and your gift will not have a long impact on the reputation of your company.

Also choose activities and products that meet your corporate values. If your activity is eco-responsible, avoid cruising on ultra-polluting liners, at the risk of losing credibility on the market, with your customers as well as your collaborators. Plan tangible gifts that can last a long time, such as pens, a key chain..

Check the quality of your products with your suppliers before sending any product, and make sure that they are up to your company's standards. It's better to reduce quantity in favor of quality ! There is nothing worse for your company than giving gifts that are not well received by the recipient, you will lose money and credibility. You now have all the cards in hand to make your corporate gifts a success.

You can now start building loyalty around you Thanks to this effective method, which will positively affect your company's image, both internally and with other market players.