Fortnite chapter 4: a lot of new features !

A new chapter in Fortnite usually means the arrival of a myriad of outfits, weapons, options, utility items… For example, players have been eagerly awaiting Chapter 4. The developers have also taken advantage of an excellent transition to introduce the new features of v23. As a result, you will enjoy the new cities and features of the game even more.

New map for chapter 4 !

Despite being a bit soft, Fortnite Chapter 3 ended with a bang with the Fracture event. The final one indeed led to the destruction of the island. The Paradigm then activated the Zero Point to form a new island from the remains of the old one. You have a new map for chapter 4.

You can find familiar places and discover brand new areas. The recomposed island includes among others:

  • Anvil Square;
  • Breakwater Bay;
  • Brutal Bastion;
  • The Citadel of Timelessness;
  • Faulty Splits;
  • Frenzy Fields
  • Lonely Labs;
  • Shattered Slabs;
  • Slappy Shores.

On the whole, the medieval inspiration is quite marked in this atypical universe. You will evolve in an imposing world full of opportunities. In addition, the known locations allow you to take full advantage of the graphical improvements.

A new vehicle available: the motocross

The dirt bike is one of the most popular new features in Chapter 4. It allows you to perform tricks and wield weapons while riding. So you won’t be vulnerable while moving around the island. In addition, the vehicle allows you to quickly reach your destination and go on an adventure to discover new horizons.

You can also use the shockwave hammer, if you prefer less conventional ways of moving. With this new weapon, you will be able to propel yourself in the air to escape your opponents. Chapter 4 also lets you ride a… snowball ! That said, the motocross remains the most interesting solution for stylish raids or explorations.

New weapons !

Already mentioned, the shockwave hammer is primarily a melee weapon. It allows you to cause significant damage to your opponents or to throw them away. You can also propel yourself through the air with your allies in battle. On the other hand, Fortnite Chapter 4 offers many weapons envied by Rainbow Six fans and the R6 tracker . Your new arsenal includes:

  • The ex-caliber rifle, replacing bullets with explosive blades;
  • The grenade shotgun, which allows you to fire two rounds and inflict heavy damage on your opponents;
  • The expert’s automatic shotgun, with rapid fire, but with moderate range and damage;
  • The assault rifle with red dot sight, offering more accuracy ;
  • The dual-loader machine pistol, with rapid fire and reloads;
  • The tactical pistol with surprising firepower.

With these new weapons, you increase your chances of achieving a top 1 ! You only need to familiarize yourself with their specificities. How to be strong on Fortnite ? C’is simple, just look at our article !

Utility items: what’s new

In terms of utility items, kinetic ore is one of the most interesting new items. You can find them in the mines of Shattered Slabs. Thanks to this mineral, you will be able to defy the laws of physics.

It is a strategic asset during battles. The surprise effect is your best ally, if you meet stronger opponents, according to Fortnite tracker data .

You now have new ways to gain HP with celestial jellyfish, slap shots and slap syrup. The latter is produced from slapelles at the Slappy Shores factory. And it is much more effective than the fruit.

The syrup does allow you to recover more HP and enjoy unlimited energy recharge for longer.

Added features on Fortnite

From now on, you have the possibility of stepping over obstacles by going straight to them. Chapter 4 also makes the game more exciting with loot shooting and area conquest. You have to avoid being overtaken by other players.

For their part, the reality reinforcements deserve special attention.

During your games, you will be able to choose randomly generated reality reinforcements. The options will be more numerous, if you stay longer in a game. Moreover, they remain active until the end of the game and unlock various features, for example :

  • The light fingers accelerate the reloading of your weapons ;
  • The mechanical archer gives you access to an explosive and shockwave mechanical archer ;
  • Aerial affinity makes you able to redeploy the glider ;
  • Supercharging reduces fuel consumption and increases the robustness of your vehicles;
  • The spring effect allows you to jump higher and sprint with lower gravity.

In addition, you have the ability to mix and match reality reinforcements as you wish during the game. You can also relaunch them to get better options.

Fortnite chapter 4: new skins available

Geralt of Riv is probably one of the most talked about skins in Fortnite chapter 4. However, you can only recruit him later in the game. You will nevertheless have access to many outfits during season 1. Besides the hero of the Witcher trilogy, you can also unlock :

  • The Timeless;
  • Doom Slayer (from the Doom license);
  • Dusty;
  • Helsie ;
  • Nezumi;
  • Massai..

As soon as you purchase the combat pass, you will receive the Selene skin. You must, however, earn the other skins.

Fortnite moves to Unreal Engine 5 for Chapter 4

With Chapter 4, Fortnite has adopted the latest version of Unreal Engine. The result is really impressive on the most powerful platforms of the moment (Xbox Series X, PC, PlayStation 5…). Moreover, the rendering surprises even gamers who are not very sensitive to the Battle Royal genre.

The change is particularly noticeable in the vegetation, details, lighting and water reflections.

As a reminder, Fortnite Chapter 4 is the first game to benefit from the Unreal Engine 5.1. This exclusivity is quite logical, as the graphics engine is also signed by Epic Games. It stands out in particular for the new Nanite technology that improves visual fidelity by increasing the number of polygons.

The lighting is also more realistic thanks to the ray tracing system.