Huawei is about to launch its first 5G smartphone

Rumors about the upcoming arrival of a Huawei 5G smartphone are becoming more and more pressing. So much so that some are beginning to believe that the Chinese manufacturer could release it before the end of July. An exit that would concern, for the moment, only the Chinese market, because of the recent international difficulties of the Chinese company and the technical challenge that 5G represents.

An output reserved for the Chinese market

New technology enthusiasts are excited about the upcoming arrival of 5G. Its promises of performance and the innovations it will offer are immense. However, few countries are already ready to offer a 5G network to their users.

This is the case in China, in some cities in France, in England and in the United States, but not everywhere. The Huawei Mate 20 X, the brand’s first 5G smartphone, should therefore be limited to the Chinese market.

By the way, for the moment, in Europe, even the best possible mobile phone subscription does not yet offer 5G. Indeed, between the 5G smartphone models that are not yet on the market and the lack of sufficiently efficient 5G network structures, they are not yet able to offer this kind of subscription. So we’ll have to make do, for at least another year, with the best 4G plans.

A great victory for the Chinese company

If Huawei is rushing to release its first 5G smartphone, it’s not just for the pleasure of being the first company in the world to market one. For the Chinese manufacturer, this would be a great victory after the recent setbacks it has had with its American partners following the decisions of Donald Trump’s administration.

It would also be a great victory for China, because a 5G Huawei smartphone would be an important historical first in the world of new technologies and it would not be made by an American company. Another important first in the world of new technologies.

A very powerful smartphone

If the rumors circulating around the Huawei Mate 20 X are to be believed, its compatibility with a 5G network would not be the only major improvement that the model would experience. Indeed, if it will look very similar to the Huawei Mate 20 X 4 G on the outside, all components inside will be improved.

For example, the battery will increase from 4,200 mAh to 5,000 mAh, the RAM will be increased to 8 GB and the storage will increase to 256 GB. Enough to allow the smartphone to go the distance and remain efficient in the face of the new requirements of 5G.