Social networks to the rescue of cinema

Social networks are everywhere in our lives. In addition to being the most used platforms in the world, they are also an excellent marketing tool. This aspect, the giants of the cinema have well assimilated and know how to use it.

Let’s take a closer look at how social networks are, today, an indispensable element in the world of cinema.

The use of social networks to promote cinema

The main media used for to announce the release of a film in theaters, it is the social networks. The marketing strategy used by the biggest Hollywood blockbusters focuses on the advertisement to attract viewers, arouse their curiosity, and invite them into theaters. While browsing online, it is not uncommon to come across the poster of a newly announced movie, in scrolling through his Facebook news feed, for example. The stroke of genius here is the fact that the publications are personalized for each type of Internet user.

As a result, a science fiction fan won’t get ads related to romantic movies, for example. This is a rather well-calculated financial operation: to target users better is to optimizing marketing costs.

How to fascinate the public ? Examples of marketing strategies

When it comes to marketing, the production giants are constantly redoubling their ingenuity. Recently, during the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, one would think that the whole world had stopped to celebrate the event. Why ? Because the marketing strategy used was ultra-efficient :

  • a re-release of the books in the series;
  • a rerun in some theaters;
  • advertisements everywhere on social networks like Instagram, etc.

The cinema magic has worked through new technologies and has led thousands of people to throw themselves back into anything Harry Potter related, reminding them of the fun they had discovering this universe.

L’marketing team of Game of Thrones has proven to be very ingenious in this matter, also. If the series resulting from the book has been able to touch so many people, it is first of all thanks to its Original, endearing and heroic characters, but also thanks to an avant-garde and merciless plot. Even if the series Game of Thrones is now over, it still continues to live through numerous derivative products. At Betway, you can play the online slot Game of Thrones and rediscover the universe of the series.

In the same way, the video games Game of Thrones are legion, as well as the classic mugs, T-shirts and other bags.

Another example is the Hobbit. With its endearing characters, its rich adventure story and its life lessons on courage and friendship, The Hobbit has managed to leave its mark and get all the fans of the Lord of the Rings. Here too, there are thousands of derivative products, from figurines in board games by way of the comic books and the clothes with the effigy of Bilbo.

It must be said that the Hobbit has also inspired numerous video games and fan fictions. The key character of Tolkien’s work has been immortalized by the biggest names in cinema, as well as Gandalf or Frodo.

Finally, it is impossible to end this section without mentioning the marketing strategy of Star Wars. A true monument of cinema, Star Wars has always known how to put the package when it comes to advertising. The saga has existed for several decades and has had its fan club for at least as long. Every time a new game is released, there is a literal invasion of merchandising, mouth-watering trailers and reminder shots in all media.

The most successful social networks

In France and in the world, the number 1 social network still remains the Facebook. However, it is not the only one and it has competition. Although boasting 2.2 billion active users, Facebook is followed by Twitter, the 280-character social network, with its 326 million monthly users.

Against all odds, it is LinkedIn which is ranked in 3rd position, the best network for professional purposes. Then comes Instagram in 4th position, in full recovery thanks to its real. Finally, it’s Pinterest, the theme network, which is in 5th position.

In conclusion

The marketing strategies of the biggest names in Hollywood and cinema in general are paying off even further these days. Social networks have become an essential tool to promote the release of a movie, or even a book or an album, so why not use them wisely.