Freebox step 4: How to pass this step ?

In step 4, the Freebox is supposed to get server information from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This phase of the start-up process takes place after the signal search and the connection establishment. The box is therefore connected to an operational network that could connect it to the web.

However, it will remain at step 4, if it has not received the data required to use this line.

Why my Freebox remains at step 4 ?

On a Freebox, step 4 represents the last phase of the connection between the box and the operator’s network. Technically, it corresponds to the attribution of server information to the modem. When it turns on, it is supposed to receive this data from the network infrastructure.

The device will then be able to access the Internet through the ISP line.

If your box remains blocked at step 4, the problem can only come from the network. The box has successfully passed the steps allowing it to communicate with the remote servers. At this stage, it is only waiting for the automatic configuration of its IP parameters. This operation is normally handled by the operator’s DHCP servers.

If they don’t answer, you won’t be connected to the Internet.

The blocking at step 4 is most often caused by a disruption or a cut of the line. It can also be a connection error at the distribution point. In concrete terms, the Freebox was connected to the line of another Internet operator. In this case, it will not be recognized by the competitor’s servers. The modem will not get the IP required to access the web.

It is also possible that your line is still waiting to be activated, if you are a new Free customer.

How to solve the blockage at this stage 4 ?

If you are blocked at step 4, the problem is not due to your connections or your Free equipment. The line itself is the cause of the malfunction. It may, for example, be physically damaged or temporarily disrupted.

In both cases, your box will not allow you to access the ISP’s network and Internet services.

To solve this problem, you just need to contact Free customer service and explain the situation. You will be able to get help or information about possible damage to the network. After that, all you have to do is wait for your line to be restored.

However, you need to specify your profile, if you have just subscribed to a Free offer or moved your line.

After a subscription or a move, it is possible that your line has not yet been activated by Free. This hitch can also cause the Freebox to be blocked at step 6, corresponding to a problem with the modem’s authentication. If your box was already operational before, it is most likely a network problem. Your line may also have been overwritten by another ISP.

Thus, technicians will have to intervene on site to solve the problem.

How to solve the DHCP response delay of your Freebox ?

The Freebox waits indefinitely for a response from the DHCP servers, when it remains blocked at step 4. Faced with this inconvenience, the only solution is to contact the ISP. The problem is indeed related to an anomaly on the network. Therefore, you need the technical service to restore or activate your line.

The team will open a trouble ticket in your name and will then check your installation.

To access the Free network, your modem must detect a signal (step 2) and establish a connection (step 3). It is then supposed to get instructions from Free servers to configure its IP settings. The blocking at step 4 is precisely due to the fact that we are waiting for information about the network connection.

It refers to a disruption of the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP).

In order to solve the problem, a technician usually has to come to your home to check your connection at the distribution point. Your line should be connected to Free’s equipment. In the event of cable reversal, the operation may sometimes require the intervention of technicians from other operators.

However, the problem will be solved quickly after their arrival.

How to contact Free support if the problem persists

Free’s assistance can be contacted by phone, at 3244. Advisors are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, Saturday from 9am to 9pm and Sunday from 9am to 7pm. The call is free on a Free line. It is, however, charged at the price of a local call from another operator.

In any case, the waiting time is free.

If you are calling from abroad, customer service can be reached at 33 1 78 56 95 60, from a fixed or cell phone. The rate will then depend on the line used and the host country. You can also request technical assistance online, from the ISP’s support site and possibly from social networks.

In this second case, the community manager will forward the request to the technical department.

How to get internet while waiting for the unlocking of my Freebox ?

While waiting for the Freebox to be unlocked, you can use your cell phone’s connection sharing for other terminals. However, modem mode requires a large amount of data on the mobile package. Otherwise, you risk exceeding your data envelope or using up your data while working.

However, this is a temporary solution.

This solution is possible for example with the unlimited package with 150 GB of data in 4 G and 5 G. In this case, you will be able to hold out for several days until the network is repaired, without rationing your data too much. If your mobile package excludes the activation of the modem mode, you can also turn to the FreeWifi community network.

For your information, this public network is accessible free of charge to Free subscribers. It is also available on the majority of the operator’s coverage area thanks to Free’s various Wifi access points. This way, you have the possibility to momentarily use this backup connection for your computers and mobile devices.