Qu’is the digital transformation or digital ?

Digital transformation is now a must for companies, whatever their size. If your line has not yet gone digital, find out why you should do so. The steps to follow to implement the digital transformation are also detailed below.

Qu’is the digital transformation ?

The digital transformation, also called digital transformation, is the process that consists in companies to incorporate digital technologies in their business and their different strategies. These serve to improve different aspects of the company’s culture and customer experience. Companies can continue to grow optimally thanks to these technologies.

Digital transformation gives rise to many challenges new processes or modify those already in place in a company. It can also lead to a change at the level of its culture or customer experience. In other words, this process implies for a company to completely reinvent themselves.

Digital transformation is now inevitable for companies. They must be able to revise their business model in order to integrate digital technologies. This is the only way they can improve their performance and remain competitive.

When did the digital transformation start? ?

Digital transformation is a recent concept. It first appeared in 2000. Digital transformation has gradually replaced the notion of digitalization.

The latter originated in the 1970s when production mechanisms began to be automated.

The process has taken on a new dimension as new technologies have emerged. In the 1980s, Internet has started to develop and the first cell phones have been created. In the 1990’s, the Internet became widespread and was used to send e-mails, transfer files, etc.

The digital transformation is a A new step in the digitalization process. It is now at the heart of the strategic and human dimensions of the company.

What are the objectives and steps of the digital transformation ?

The value creation is one of the main objectives of digital transformation. In concrete terms, it aims to enable a company toincrease its performance andImprove productivity by optimizing processes. On the other hand, digital transformation aims to to identify new customer behaviors as well as the new practices to meet them.

To make the digital shift, companies must start by recognizing the importance of digital transformation. The structures that have grasped this aspect are those that have managed to stand out and grow rapidly. The implementation of the digital transformation The implementation of a new IT system in a company can be broken down into 4 main steps:

  • The state of the art. The company must evaluate its level of digitalization to be able to effectively initiate its digital transformation. It is a question of determining what is already in place and its needs;
  • The definition of a strategy. Once its level of digitalization has been evaluated, the company will be able to define precisely the actions to be deployed. It is advisable to classify the processes to be digitized by order of priority, because the transformation must be carried out gradually to ensure its success. It is therefore necessary to spread the actions over time;
  • Securing the transition. The use of digital technology exposes the company to cyber attacks. It is thus required to deploy the necessary means to protect itself from it, and this, from the beginning of the digital transformation. Solutions to secure the process include dual authentication, anti-virus and anti-spam software;
  • Involvement of all actors within the company in the process. To succeed in digital transformation, it is essential to involve all employees from the beginning of the project. It is also necessary to provide support and training. In addition, it is recommended to designate a person in charge of answering all the questions of the employees about the digital transformation of the company.

How to support the digital transformation of companies ?

The digital transformation of a company bor change the way employees work. It is thus essential to establish a process of change management to allow everyone to join the transition. To do this, it is preferable for the company to seek the support of an expert.

The specialist to turn to will depend on the company’s project. For example, it can call upon a cloud solution integrator if it wishes to switch to cloud computing. More globally, it can call upon a digital transformation agency.

Depending on the company’s objectives and needs, the company will propose the most appropriate technological tools and processes.

How to accompany the digital transformation of companies?

L’commitment of the French government to the digital transition

In France, the public authorities support the transformation digital business. The aids intended for those who wish to concretize a digital project attest to this. Among these solutions is for example the digital check.

This is a subsidy amounting to a few thousand euros granted by some regions. For example, this system can be used by a company to :

  • Financing a digital diagnosis ;
  • To be accompanied in the implementation of a digital strategy;
  • Create a website.

The France Num voucher is also an aid to which companies can apply. Depending on the region where they are located, they have the possibility to benefit from many other devices.