Expense report management in the company: simplify your life !

Expense reports are a document by which an employee can claim reimbursement for expenses incurred personally in the course of a business assignment. Their management requires vigilance and meticulousness from the company manager. There are a number of tools you can use to make your job easier.

How expense reports work ?

How do expense reports work?

To be valid, the expenses recorded in a expense report must have been carried out for the needs of the professional activity. The company has two options for reimbursement:

  • Return the actual expenses incurred by the employee, which implies the presentation of supporting documents (receipts or invoices);
  • Reimburse advanced expenses in the form of a fixed price. In case of exceeding the established limits, the excess will not be covered.

Typically, expense reports are processed at the same time as payroll, at the end of each month. However, the law does not provide for a specific timeframe for reimbursement, as the management of expense reports in companies requires a lot of time. In fact, the person responsible must first validate the expenses.

The accounting department is then responsible for ensuring the compliance of the expense reports. Finally, the refund is validated by the financial department.

To simplify the task, consider using an expense report application. N2F is one of the best tools for the management of expense reports in companies. This solution is already used by some 5,000 companies worldwide to accelerate the capture of business expenses.

Employees : what expenses to spend on your company ?

Employees: which expenses to pass on to your company?

The business expenses paid by the employer are not taxable on income tax provided :

  • Be justified;
  • To have really been incurred in a professional capacity.

There are three main types of expenses incurred by employees for which they can claim reimbursement.

Expense report’accommodation

The company must reimburse hotel expenses of an employee during a business trip if :

  • He/she could not return home because of a distance of more than 50 km between his/her home and the location of the mission;
  • The journey cannot be completed in less than 1 hour 30 minutes by public transport.

In order to be reimbursed, the employee must present the hotel bill.

Mileage allowances

To make business travel, employees can use their personal vehicle. In this case, they will receive mileage allowances that cover in particular:

  • Fuel expenses;
  • Vehicle maintenance expenses;
  • Insurance premiums.

Reimbursement can be based on actual expenses or a flat rate. In the second case, the scale defined by the’tax administration will be used. For the year 2021, the applicable mileage scale is as follows:

The advantages of

The mobile applications have revolutionized daily life by facilitating a multitude of tasks. For example, these tools allow members of a mutual insurance company to’The employee is not able to return home because of the distance between his home and the mission; – The employee is not able to manage his health better: programming a pillbox, looking for a health professional close to his home, etc.

For the management of expense reports in companies, the use of a mobile application has many advantages:

  • Automation of expense report entry. The employee can simply take a picture of the expense receipt with his smartphone;
  • Simplify validation and control. Expense reports can be validated from any terminal;
  • Dematerialization of receipts, which considerably limits the risks of loss and alteration and eliminates physical archiving;
  • Saving time and money N2F is one of the best tools for the management of expense reports, thanks to the fluidity of the process of managing expense reports, which allows you to concentrate on tasks with greater added value.

In addition to speeding up the processing of expense reports, a mobile application will allow you to control your employees’ business expenses by providing better visibility on them.