Freebox step 3: How to unlock it ?

On a Freebox, step 3 corresponds to the initialization of the connection with the servers of the Internet service provider. The modem waits for an initial response from the remote computers before continuing the start-up process. If it fails to establish the connection, the device will remain blocked on this step.

You therefore need to determine the origin of this problem in order to remedy it.

Why my Freebox is blocked at step 3 ?

When it turns on, a Freebox proceeds step by step to check the components and launch the services. Step 1 includes checking that the on-board components are working properly. Step 2 is the search for a signal before the connection is established.

However, the system can sometimes get stuck on this third step, during installation or start-up.

Blocking at step 3 means that the modem has found a signal, but is unable to communicate with remote servers. If you have recently installed your box, the problem probably comes from connection or configuration errors. These steps should also be taken after reinstalling equipment, updating software or changing settings.

If you have just subscribed, it is also possible that your line has not yet been activated by the operator. The activation is done after the reception and the installation of the equipment (box and decoder). In addition, the processing time of the subscription may vary depending on the time of year and the organization of the ISP.

Finally, the connection failure can also be caused by box failures.

Freebox step 3: how to unblock the situation ?

The unlocking of step 3 depends basically on the origin of the malfunction. You should proceed in a methodical way and test one by one the solutions corresponding to the probable causes of the problem. First of all, you have to check the status and the connections of your equipment.

Wrongly inserted cables actually cause the connection to fail, or even no signal at all. Also, remove any extension cords and power strips from your installation.

Then, don’t hesitate to connect a borrowed box to your line. You can then check the presence of a signal and the possibility of connecting to the network. The problem comes from the operator, if the other box doesn’t detect any signal or doesn’t get any response from the remote computers.

In this case, the modem can remain at stage 2 or 4. With the Freebox blocking step 4, the connection has been established, but the equipment does not receive any information from the servers.

Once the other options have been ruled out, resetting the box is an interesting option for establishing the connection. This method allows you to undo the consequences of setting and updating errors, among others. By the way, the box cannot work properly after an incomplete or corrupted download. The internal software must be complete to be operational.

Nevertheless, you can solve this problem by resetting the modem.

Reset the Freebox

Resetting a Freebox is a simple operation that does not require any special skills. In addition, it can be done directly on the device using a dedicated button or an option in the menu. The reset function is also available online, from the mafreebox platform.

In any case, the procedure is limited to a few basic steps.

Sometimes, even a reboot is enough to solve some of the problems that appear during the initialization of the device. It is therefore preferable to start with this technique before restoring the factory settings of your box. To do this:

  • Use the power buttons to switch off the box and the TV decoder;
  • Unplug the cables, then wait five to ten minutes;
  • Reconnect all your equipment correctly;
  • Turn on each device.

If the box remains blocked at step 3, you can proceed to the reset of your equipment. The procedure is similar to the reboot of the device, for the physical intervention. When switching on the modem, you will only have to press a directional key to choose between different types of startup (normal, backup and factory setting).

Then select the Factory settings option.

For the online method, you need to go to the operator’s platform and log in with your credentials. You will then be able to access the Freebox OS home interface. On this screen, click on Freebox settings, then on Simplified mode.

Finally, press Reset Freebox and Restart Freebox in factory mode.

Check your Freebox server

To check the status of your Freebox server, the simplest solution is to connect it to another subscriber’s line. It can be a neighbor, a relative, an acquaintance… In any case, you must make sure beforehand that the network works properly with the box of the approached person. Your equipment is defective, if it remains blocked, while the box of your contact can establish a connection on your line.

On the other hand, you can check your server from the Freebox Connect application or the Freebox OS web platform. However, you will have to use your subscriber login to access these services. In addition, these solutions are mainly for lines already activated, on which the box can no longer connect.

If you have just joined the Free network, you should check the status of the line activation. This information can be found in the Subscriber Area, in the Order Tracking section.

My Freebox is still at step 3

You need technical assistance if your box remains at step 3, despite the checks and the reset of the device. Free’s technicians can be contacted:

  • By phone through customer service at 3244 on a Free line or 33 1 78 56 95 60, if you call from abroad;
  • Online, via the form available on the operator’s main website;
  • On social networks, through the official ISP accounts;
  • In a Free store near your home.

In general, you can quickly solve the problem by going to a Free Center with your box. The team will then carry out a diagnosis of your equipment on site. Afterwards, the device will be replaced if it is defective. You can also save time by detailing the solutions you have already tried to the customer service.

Thus, you will be immediately redirected to the technical service.