The various features offered by the Freebox OS

Free is known for the accessibility of its packages compared to those of its competitors. The operator is currently present in many countries around the world. To optimize the user experience, the operator provides its customers with a Freebox configuration platform.

Intuitive, it allows you to customize the use of the Internet connection.

What is Freebox OS ?

Freebox is the management interface of Free’s Internet box. You can access it via a computer or any other connected terminal. Its application version allows you to enter your box’s settings.

It is important to remember that this interface was designed for the French operator’s subscribers only. You are invited to limit the sharing of your login and password.

How to connect to your Freebox from home ?

If you want to access Freebox from your home, the device you are using must be connected to the box’s network. From your web browser, go to the platform’s website: mafreebox.freebox.en. If this is the first time you connect, check the dedicated box to facilitate the handling of the interface. You must then enter the default username and password.

Then you create a personalized access code.

Once this is done, the arrow on the right side of the interface will start flashing. When your intention to connect reaches the box, it displays a security message that you must validate. In this way, you explicitly confirm your decision to access the platform.

Free has implemented this authentication measure to protect your account from any malicious intrusion.

At the end of this process, you will access the Freebox OS connection form. By entering the newly created login and password, you arrive in the advanced settings of the box. When you are connected, the Freebox OS interface will appear on your screen.

This allows you to enter the configuration tabs of the Free equipment.

You can connect outside your home ?

The connection to the Freebox platform is possible even if you are not near the box. To do this, you must first make a few adjustments:

  • Go to the Freebox OS interface;
  • Go to the configuration section of the Freebox ;
  • Accept the option “Enable password authentication” and note the IP address you have entered.

To access Freebox OS remotely, enter this IP address in the search bar of a web browser, then press “Enter. You will then be redirected to the same connection interface as the one displayed on mafreebox.freebox.en.

It is always useful to remember that caution is required when you connect remotely, especially if you use a public network.

Where to find the Free ID ?

The Freebox ID is given to you when you buy your box. If you have just subscribed to Free, it will be a succession of numbers preceded by the trigram fbx. Otherwise, it will be a series of 8 digits.

The identifier is visible on the subscriber form (or initial information form) that was given to you with the Freebox following registration. You will find in this document information about your package, above the section ” MY CODES AND IDENTIFIERS “.

If you can’t find your initial information sheet, check your subscription confirmation email to see your login. This email will be sent to you as soon as your subscription to the package is validated. It includes all the information about your subscription.

You can also find your Free ID on your monthly invoice. This dematerialized document in PDF format also provides all the details of your subscription.

How to change the Freebox administration password ?

You can change your admin password at any time. Do this especially if other people have recently had access to your account. To do so:

  • Connect to the management interface of the Free box;
  • Click on the “Freebox settings” section;
  • Go to the “Access management” section where you can register a new access code.

When you connect from outside your home, the platform may notify you that your password is too weak. Take this warning seriously. To minimize the risks, we recommend that you choose an access code with numbers, capital letters and special characters.

To change the password associated with your Freebox login ;

  • Go to the customer area of the interface;
  • Select the “My subscription” section;
  • Click on “Change the password of my Free subscriber interface”;
  • Fill in the fields.

What are the other Freebox configuration options? ?

Freebox OS allows you to customize the use of your Free Internet box. Several functions are available to you. Among these is the management of Frebox OS profiles.

You can create several profiles with an administrator account. To do this, click on the “Profiles” icon at the top right of the interface. Then select “Add a profile. After filling in the information form, you can validate the creation of the profile.

It is also possible to use the Freebox to restart the server of a modem. Go to the main menu of Freebox OS. Then click on the Free logo at the bottom of the screen. You can restart the Freebox from the page that appears.

This action is necessary when you make updates or to solve technical problems.